Game Information


ST Email List: – Please mail the group to contact ST staff.
Head Storyteller: Lauren Russ
Assistant Storyteller: Richard Ashley and Jorge Sidhu
Council Member: Ken Shields

Sign in Starts at 8:00 pm, game ends at 12:00 pm, Soft RP can continue during afters @The Patriot House Bar and Grill.

If you are traveling from out of town, we request that your ST staff contact us before you arrive and forward your character sheet to our staff. Unstamped sheets which were not forwarded to us prior may not be approved to enter play.

We meet every Second Friday of the month, alternating with Wasting the Dawn (who meet at the same site location) on the Fourth Friday of the month. Please see our game Calendar for Dates/Times.

For more information on game rules & mechanics, please see our House Rules


The Patriot House
Embarcadero Center, 2 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA 94111

For Directions, Click on the Map Below.

We Meet outside on the second level of the Embarcadero, direclty below the Patriot House Bar and Grill, easily spotted if head towards the Patriot House via the second level. If you still cannot find us, go to the Patriot House and instead of heading inside, turn around, walk toward the balcony ledge, look down. You will see a gaggle of gamers. You found us! ST staff is generally inside the Patriot House pre-game. If you let our board know you plan to attend before game, we will give you our contact information so you can call if you get lost!

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