Kublacon: Camarilla Event Game Info

Camarilla Event Game Information


Coming Soon

OOC Event Details:

Camarilla Event STs: coming soon

Camarilla Game: Friday, Saturday, Sunday evenings 6pm to 2:00am

Theme: Formal Dress
Each night will feature the theme of wearing the color of the domain you wish to represent, or to wear a color separate from any of those options. Keep in mind the colors you choose to wear (or not wear) will not go unnoticed. Each night will feature the accent colors of gold, silver, black, and white.

  • Camarilla, Anarch, Kuei Jin, and Independent PCs are welcome and are encouraged to IC RSVP.
  • Set up begins at 5:30pm each night.
  • Sign-in begins at 6:00pm. Early sign-in may be available, and will be announced closer to the event.
  • IC Game on begins at 6:30pm each night.
  • Game wrap will be around 1:00 am, with soft RP following.
  • Sabbat PCs/NPCs or infiltrator PCs/NPCs who wish to attend must be pre-approved by ACE staff prior to sign-in.
  • ACE house rules: http://alwayscomesevening.owbn.net/house-rules/
  • ST EMAIL for Questions & Sheets: owbn-kublacon-sts@googlegroups.com
  • **NOTE: Please specify in the subject which game it is for (“Garou” or “Cam”)**SHEETS ARE DUE: MAY 2, 2020 in .gex or pdf file formats only. No exceptions.
    Sheets are required to have the first and last name of the player on them. All custom or rare content must be included in the notes section of the character sheet to be usable at the event.


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