Kublacon: Garou Game Event Info

Kublacon: Garou Game Event Information

Garou: Sunday, May 24, 2020 11 am to 5 pm

Hosted by OWBN’s Dark Side of the Moon chronicle, based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Event HST: Joy Wood

Character sheets must by submitted by May 2, 2020 in .gex or pdf formats only to: owbn-kublacon-sts@googlegroups.com

Premade characters are also available on request via email by May 1, 2020.

Any questions relating to the event should be sent to owbn-kublacon-sts@googlegroups.com

Dark Side of the Moon’s house rules are available at: Dark Side of the Moon House Rules

General information: This world is slowly (or quickly) marching toward an Apocalypse. Warrios of Gaia – Werewolves – have been called to fight for the planet -a fight they are losing. Most are teenagers who have both the passion and the belief in their own immortality who can fight against forces most evil and corrupt. Always Comes Evening and Dark Side of the Moon present an afternoon of live action role playing where players take on the guises of the werewolves to go on adventure to save the planet – or sometimes just to save themselves.  This game is designed to be an introduction to the wider world of Garou (Werewolves) and the One World by Night organization. While experienced characters are welcome to join the game with their own approved character sheets, this game is designed for those who are new to the fight and want to check out the genre.

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