Kublacon: Sabbat Event Game Info

Kublacon: Sabbat Event Game Information

Sabbat: Saturday, May 23rd 11am to 5pm

Hosted by OWBN’s Secretos de Sangre Chronicle, based out of San Bernardino, CA.

Event HST: Shane West

Premade characters are available upon request by May 1, 2020.

Sheets must be submitted by May 2, 2020 in .gex format to: owbn-kublacon-sts@googlegroups.com

Any questions relating to the event should be sent to owbn-kublacon-sts@googlegroups.com

Secretos de Sangre’s house rules can be found at: Secretos de Sangre’s House Rules

Game description: Gehenna is at hand. The ancient monsters known as the Antediluvians are waking, and the only thing standing between them and the destruction of the world is the Sabbat.  These vampires are self-proclaimed monsters and soldiers; they owe allegiance to the Sabbat, a mockery of the Catholic Church. They hunt out the beings who seek to completely enslave all Cainites, the Antediluvians and their puppets, through violence and fear.  Secretos de Sangre is a Sabbat Chronicle within One World by Night that focuses its attentions on the political aspects of (un)life within a  Sect of Monsters and Soldiers in an ancient holy war spanning centuries.  Things come out of the dark to twist and bend the Sabbat to their whims, fighting the Sabbat’s most treasured possession: freedom.

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