Kublacon: Camarilla Event Game Info

Camarilla Event Game Information


Fellow Kindred of the Camarilla,

The Bay Area domains of California once again welcome you to join us in a delightful celebration to honor the best qualities of the Ivory Tower’s society. Each evening will be filled with engaging forms of entertainment presented by various illustrious clans of our sect. The party will be hosted as usual across three evenings from Friday, May 24 through Sunday, May 26, 2019. The hosting domains in order are Greater Berkeley, San Francisco, and Greater Santa Rosa.

Friday, May 24th will be hosted by Sovereign Prince Grey and the domain of Greater Santa Rosa.
Saturday, May 25th will be hosted by Sovereign Prince Deems and the domain of San Francisco
Sunday, May 26th will be hosted by Sovereign Prince She Who Burns as the Sun and the domain of Greater Berkeley.

As each of you may feel a special kinship with the domains of the West Coast, we invite you to support them by wearing the colors that represent your most cherished Camarilla domain of California. These vibrant colors will be accented with beautiful hues of golds, silvers, black and white. We invite you to adorn yourself in the colors that most suit the thoughts of your soul.

For your reference, we have included the colors for each of the Camarilla domains within the State of California:
Greater Berkeley: Red
San Francisco: Royal Blue
Greater Santa Rosa: Merlot
Sacramento: Purple
Stockton: Emerald Green
Los Angeles: Goldenrod Yellow

We welcome all acknowledged members of the Camarilla, as well as others in good standing.

RSVP’s should be sent to the following harpies of each domain:

Harpy Beatrice Kesch, Greater Berkeley
Harpy Charlie Kesch, San Francisco
Harpy Jennifer Valentine, Greater Santa Rosa

(OOC: RSVP both IC/OOC using this: IC RSVP)

With warmest regards,
Sovereign Prince She That Burns As The Sun of Greater Berkeley
Sovereign Prince Virgil Deems of San Francisco
Sovereign Prince Dorrian Grey of Greater Santa Rosa

OOC Event Details:

Camarilla Event STs: Lauren Russ, Jorge Sidhu, Jeff Daitsman, Stephanie Greene, Jason Sarley, Jonathan Gravely

Camarilla Game: Friday, Saturday, Sunday evenings 6pm to 2:00am

Theme: Formal Dress
Each night will feature the theme of wearing the color of the domain you wish to represent, or to wear a color separate from any of those options. Keep in mind the colors you choose to wear (or not wear) will not go unnoticed. Each night will feature the accent colors of gold, silver, black, and white.

  • Camarilla, Anarch, Kuei Jin, and Independent PCs are welcome and are encouraged to IC RSVP.
  • Set up begins at 5:30pm each night.
  • Sign-in begins at 6:00pm. Early sign-in may be available, and will be announced closer to the event.
  • IC Game on begins at 6:30pm each night.
  • Game wrap will be around 1:00 am, with soft RP following.
  • Sabbat PCs/NPCs or infiltrator PCs/NPCs who wish to attend must be pre-approved by ACE staff prior to sign-in.
  • ACE house rules: http://alwayscomesevening.owbn.net/house-rules/
  • ST EMAIL for Questions & Sheets: owbn-kublacon-sts@googlegroups.com
  • **NOTE: Please specify in the subject which game it is for (“Garou” or “Cam”)**

    SHEETS ARE DUE: MAY 3, 2019 in .gex or pdf file formats only. No exceptions.
    Sheets are required to have the first and last name of the player on them. All custom or rare content must be included in the notes section of the character sheet to be usable at the event.

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